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Discover the Benefits of Cheap Self Storage in Illawarra

General Storage offers indoor self storage in Illawarra which provides you many benefits over outdoor units. You have coded access to your belongings seven days a week, and the facility is under 24-hour CCTV surveillance to keep everything secure while you are away. Our units range from 2 to 15 square metres meaning we have a size that suits your needs.


Indoor self storage in Illawarra has benefits over units that open to the outside. The most obvious advantage is you are protected from the weather as you access your unit. You can take your time organising your space because you are not fighting the heat or rain. You will not have to worry about rain damage to your belongings or yourself.


Even when your belongings are safely stored away, they continue to reap the benefits of extra protection. Outdoor units are more susceptible to mould and mildew, but indoor storage has an extra layer of protection to the outdoor conditions. Outdoor units are also more likely to be invaded by pests such as insects and rodents.


You have rented your storage units in Illawarra, you have all your items at the facility, and now you must pack it away into the units.


General Storage wants to give you a few tips to get the most out of your space and to access your belongings when you need them quickly.


The first tip is to leave yourself a walkway so you can access your stuff that is in the back when you need it. You may feel like you are wasting storage space by leaving a path, but you will be glad you did when you can retrieve an item from the back without having to unpack your unit.


Packing items in boxes that are the same size make them easy to stack without wasting space. You should label each box with its contents because you will probably not remember what’s in the boxes. When you stack and store your boxes, you should face the labels to the outside for easy reading.


When putting items in the unit, you want to pack the tallest items along the back and walls, and the smallest items should be toward the front and along your path. Packing like this gives you the best view when you are looking for something.


Out of space? Need a place to keep extra furniture, decorations, and other personal belongings?


Kids or parents moving into the house and you will be converting one or more rooms back to bedrooms? Whatever your life circumstance General Storage has space for your belongings. There is no reason to sell items you don’t presently have space for, simply store them for later use.


General Storage has options. You can reserve units from 2 to 15 square metres, for the time interval that works best for your situation. We have cheap storage choices available in Illawarra to fit any budget. Our self-storage facility is accessible when you need access. Plus, we won’t rope you into a long-term contract. You control the rental timeline, and our agents work with you to help provide the service and quality you desire.


We understand that storage security is a primary concern. Safekeeping of your belongings is our top priority, alongside customer satisfaction. You can count on our premium level security to protect your possessions for the duration of their stay. We work hard to maintain your confidence that your belongings will be in precisely the same condition when you move them out as the day you placed them in storage.


Let General Storage help you manage your cheap storage needs in Illawarra. Call us on 1300 635 336 to speak with a helpful associate who will guide you to the right space for your belongings. You can also fill out our online form, and we will call you promptly.

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