Our Services

Here at General Storage, we not only provide our customers with great customer service but also supply

  • Units from 2 to 15 square metres
  • Lift access for our 1st-floor units.
  • Forklift services available by appointment
  • 7 day Coded access to the facility.
  • Complete back to base CCTV.
  • Drive up unload area.
  • Trolleys for moving your goods to and from the unit.
  • We can even Organise the transportation of your goods.


Questions to Ask about Storage Hire in Wollongong: How to Compare Storage Units


So, you’ve finally run out of space in your garage, and you simply have to face facts: there isn’t room on your property for everything you own anymore. That being the case, you might be thinking about renting a storage unit so that you can increase the amount of available room you have. Perhaps you’re looking forward to emptying out the house or apartment a little so that you can enjoy stretching your limbs again—or maybe you want to redecorate. Regardless, you’ll have to ensure that you choose the right storage units near Wollongong for your needs.


A Guide to Storage Hire in Wollongong


Choosing Wollongong area storage units can be confusing if you don’t know how to distinguish the quality of some units from others. After all, what makes an excellent storage hire company? Wollongong residents can clarify the issue by looking for the following attributes whenever they set out to find a company that can help them store their items:


  • Emphasis on security: make sure that your chosen storage professionals take the sanctity of your space and the safety of the objects in it very seriously. Ideally, they should care just as much about tight security as you do.
  • The ability to accommodate several kinds of client. Are you an individual with personal items such as old furniture that needs a bit of extra room, or a start-up looking for somewhere to keep inventory and equipment? Your storage company should be able to provide you with quality service and space either way.
  • Options available for transporting your goods into or out of storage as needed. If you can’t fit everything in the back of your vehicle, it’s best to have professionals on call who can help make sure your items reach the place where they need to be.
  • Access to forklifts upon request, so that you will never struggle to move items that would otherwise be difficult to handle responsibly.


Trust the Team at General Storage


A storage company in Wollongong that can match all the criteria listed above is one that you will be able to trust with your goods. General Storage is just such a business, with brand new NSW facilities and the means to protect them while ensuring client satisfaction at all times.


At General Storage, we cater to both residential and commercial clients. As such, it is essential to us that we protect your items at all times when they are stored on our site. We use CCTV and other sophisticated security measures to make sure that you’ll never have to worry about a breach. We also offer transport of your goods to and from our facility and can even provide forklift access when required. Learn more about how we can help you by calling us today and speaking with someone on our staff.

General Storage

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